With our data companies, government authorities, bailiffs, collection agencies and webshops can make better decisions, fight fraud, credit risks and automate decision-making

Core activities of Universal Databrokers (UDB)

Universal Databrokers

We collect data worldwide

Our data is collected from public data from public, official registers and publications. We don’t just randomly pick these of the web, but purchase these directly from the source. Therefore Universal Databrokers (UDB) has broad user-licenses from database owners.

Universal Databrokers

One unique international database

Unlike our large data industry partners, we have all our in-house data collections standardised in one (virtual) relational database. This database is not limited to one country, but is international and has unlimited access, throughout all sources and always aimed at the needs of our clients

Universal Databrokers

Data available in 8 languages

Reports from UDB’s database are available in 8 languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The data is supplied in the ‘domestic’ date or time zone.

UDB Universal Databrokers Den Haag

A lot of data from Western Europe

With regards to data from Western Europe. Our virtual database has all recent information on properties, companies, bankruptcies, suspensions of payments, street maps and all available telephone numbers.

Why UDB?

Data-size and Quality

With UDB, parties have the largest commercially available database at their disposal. The quality of information is high and recent, with an extensive history.

Knowledge of the market

We know the data, the opportunities and the restrictions. UDB’s management has been gathering information on companies and natural persons on a professional level since 1982.


UDB is independent, objective and in no way affiliated with a financial service company. Moreover, UDB is compliant with the regulations of national and European legislation.

Our clients are mainly resellers and large consumers of information, like financial service companies, debt collectors, government agencies and large webshops.

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